Next VR

  • Newport Beach, CA
  • Corporate
  • A start-up virtual reality developer takes its new home within the first floor of a 1970s office tower. Given the company’s virtual product, an effort was made to accentuate the “real” in the working environment and inspired the design team to use cutting edge technology. The concrete corbelled ceiling and the office HVAC, electrical and network systems are exposed and highlighted providing an industrial aesthetic. Wall surfaces and doors are heavily textured, with the lighting designed to accentuate these elements. Given the digital nature of the tasks of the workforce, lighting control is carefully considered, allowing fully dimmable options for direct and indirect illumination. Light is focused onto the work surfaces, letting the walls fade back as to not wash out the multiple TV monitors. With limited fixture types throughout the project and all the fixtures being 100% LED, maintenance is minimized. Interior Architecture by Bolette N. Albertsen, with full MEP services by tk1sc.