Marriott LAX

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Hospitality
  • After 40 years, this Flagship airport hotel received an extensive renovation of the registration, restaurant and lobby areas, and the 16th floor lounge. The existing building has limited ceiling clearances, antiquated lighting controls and an electrical system that was near capacity. There was a lot to overcome, and this operational hotel never closed its doors during renovation.

    Working with the hotel brand’s design team, a sleek, modern interior design with rectilinear forms and tightly integrated lighting and mechanical details emerged. Square and rectangular fixtures were selected to reinforce this design vocabulary. While a variety of LED fixture styles were used, a common fixture family was selected for ease of maintenance, and the reduced loads did not require upgrades to the existing electrical service.

    Architectural, structural, mechanical, food service and even art elements were carefully coordinated with lighting placement to minimize fixture views and potential glare, ensuring the best fixture placement and integration. Architecture by TCA.